5 Essential Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

by Dipesh Kataria

Make her say,” wow!” Without blowing your bank account!


Going to propose to her? Finding a perfect engagement ring can be confusing, and confusion creates mistakes.

Guess what? I am married, and I was looking for an engagement ring a couple of years ago as well!

But as a 2nd generation diamond manufacturer, it was relatively easy for me to find a perfect engagement ring at a pocket-friendly price. So today I am going to help you find yours!

There are plenty of resources to research and find famous rings, but the more you research, the more you get confused. So, what should be the perfect guide that will END UP your research AND GET YOU TO THE POINT?

Here’s the complete guide that will take your stress off without going out of budget!

1. Remember her taste?

Most of the time, people don’t think about what her fiance actually likes and start researching engagement ring designs and diamond styles. You’ll get the famous designs this way but will not know whether she will like it or not.

 My opinion is to start noticing her style deeply. Dive deep into her wardrobe, clothes, jewelry collection, and get clues of what she actually prefers to wear daily or on special occasions.

  Ask the woman closest to her because a woman tells other women quickly about their choices, and the same goes for engagement rings as well. The closest woman, maybe her best friend, her mother, or siblings. Well, you can also check her Pinterest boards and find what she likes the most.

2. Determine your Budget

You got an idea of what style of engagement rings she likes. Now, determine the accurate budget that you want to spend

I suggest choosing a budget that fits your income, don’t over go your account, or you might have to suffer afterward.

But Wait!


I didn’t ask you to compromise quality or diamond size. To your surprise, you can still get the best diamond size and quality on the same budget by purchasing smartly. I’ll show you how to do it in the next points,

It’s essential to set your budget before you start to research.

3.Choose the perfect diamond shape, size & quality

What shape of diamond she’d love to wear? And what suits her best? Most used diamond shapes are Round Brilliant, Princess, Oval, and pear, but you need to wisely choose because every shape has its uniqueness, and it must match with your lady’s style.

Let’s come to diamond size & quality choices. This depends on your budget mainly and your preferences secondly.

And, both parameters depend on each other also. Suppose you have a particular budget of around 2000 bucks. Now, you can either choose the bigger size of the diamond and lower quality grade or maintain quality at best by lowering the diamond’s size. But, there’s a hack with which you can get better quality and quite a bigger size. READ FURTHER TO FIND OUT!

Diamond properties

What are the different diamond color & quality grades? A white diamond color grades lie between D to Z grade of colors where D is the whitest and Z in the yellowest.

There are fancy colored diamonds too like Green, Pink, Blue, Champagne, etc., but let’s talk about that topic on another day. 

Talking about Clarity, it’s graded like IF, VVS, VS, SI & PK where IF is the best clarity where you’ll not find any internal inclusions – Hence, it’s called Internally Flawless (IF). PK is the worst clarity of diamonds where there are too many imperfections, inclusions inside the diamond.

These are the international standard grades for Diamond Color & Clarity, which are majorly used by all the diamond grading labs, including the gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the best gem labs globally.

You can go for a VS quality diamond if you need better quality & in the budget as well.

VS Diamond comes with minor imperfection, but the hack is here. Check if the VS diamond is 100% Eye clean or not. You can ask the retailer about that or contact the sales team of the brand when buying online. 

Online brands will also help you with photos & videos of the diamond to see yourself. Don’t know what EYE CLEAN means? A diamond having no visible imperfection or inclusion when seeing directly through an untrained eye is called Eye Clean Diamonds.

 Eye clean diamonds are of exclusive value as you can buy Eye Clean in a VS or SI graded diamond, which is a lot cheaper than IF or VVS diamonds but still provides similar fire and brilliance. Being a smarter guy here, you can actually get a bigger size of diamond without compromising quality.

 For example, in 5000 bucks, you can buy a 0.80ct D or E color VVS clarity diamond, but that’s not smart.

 You can buy a 1.10ct Diamond with F or G color and VS quality that, too, by not compromising the diamond’s fire and brilliance in the same 5000 bucks. sounds smart? Yes, in my opinion. Because when I do this, I get a 35% bigger diamond and the same look and feel. 


I think you’ve been smarter now! Isn’t it?

4. Unfortunately, Most Men Ignore This!


Whatever color, clarity, size, or shape you choose, only buy a diamond with certification from world-known Labs. We suggest buying GIA or IGI certified diamonds because they are authentic players in testing & grading diamonds for a long time.

 There are other labs too, but I’ll only suggest going with one of the 2 I mentioned. 

GIA certified diamonds tend to be costlier (around 10-15%) than the IGI one because GIA grades diamonds as it’s best to provide more and accurate information to customers.

5. Your pocket first!

Now that you know what style of ring, what diamond shape, quality & size you’re going to buy, and have a budget for it, start the research online (or offline) to get quotes in reality.

There are hundreds of jewelers out there you can buy from but, you’re going to buy from only one, not everyone. If I were you, I may make a list of jewelers and make the first sort from them who will deliver a high-quality product on time and at my place, that too at Pocket friendly prices!

 The first list will be ready, and it may contain around ten jewelers. Let’s start the research. Go to each one’s site (or store if you’re going to buy offline), check out their designs, and see if they are already selling what you want to make or not.

 If yes, check out all the details about it like metal type & quality, solitaire size, color, clarity and certification lab. Also, check whether they provide customization on it or not. Check their prices and compare them with the other sites.

 Make a full detailed comparison of the metal, diamond, and services provided by each jeweler. You can go further in purchase with the one who offers the best price and services.

However, I’ve added an additional bonus that saved me an extra 10-15% on an engagement ring! Find the bonus by reading till the end!


6. You Deserve excellent After Purchase Services!

Many people ignore this, but you need to check and confirm what type of additional after purchase services your jeweler provides.

In this superfast Ecom era, plenty of jewelers can offer you engagement rings, but how will you find the best? It’s obvious to find the one who cares for your order more than YOURSELF.

Because only these brands will provide you with excellent customer services and after-sales services, below are some points to keep in mind before placing an order.

After-sales services. Must be  provided by Jewelers:

1. Free International Shipping

2. Free Resize & Repair

3. Jewelry Warranty

4. Higher Buy Back or Exchange Value

5. 100% Refund

6. Free gift Packaging

7. Excellent customer Service (Most Important)

These points will help you identify the best brand to purchase from. I know many people create a store and sell precious jewels at a low price but, when you go back again to them with any problems regarding the jewel, they will not answer anything, and you’ll have no option afterward.

Many sellers use weak quality diamonds and metal and charge for higher quality with heavily discounted rates (Don’t fall in the trap).  After all, you must get the one that you’ve paid for.



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You’ve checked sites and ask them for their ready pieces but, you can go deep and find a jeweler who can make the same design FULLY CUSTOMIZED for you.

Yes, the world is so small to find the things that we need. By some enhanced research, you can find the one who can create your imagination (or the design you’ve seen anywhere). 

You can send them some details of the ring and photos design and provide you with a custom quote. And, that too, with an attractive price with more after-sale services.


Ever wondered where these diamonds and jewelry are manufactured widely and at very cheap rates? If you paid your attention, you’d already be knowing that 90% of the world’s diamonds are being manufactured in INDIA.

Actually, in a particular city of India named SURAT. Can you imagine to buy directly from them with a fraction of some website clicks, and your beautiful ring will be at your doorstep. You’ll found that you just saved more than 50% by doing this. Think of many other things you can do with that saved money, an exclusive destination wedding,  a luxurious sweet honeymoon, and what not

Well, it was a try to help you at best in your sweetest moment of life. Let me know in a comment below if you liked the advice I shared. 

You can also check www.vsjewelrystore.com to buy engagement rings, and any other fine jewelry as we’re direct manufacturers (from SURAT, INDIA) of fine diamond jewelry and GIA/IGI certified diamonds.

We are 2nd generation diamond manufacturers in India! & Our mission is to serve better directly to You with no middlemen adding up the cost!

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At last




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