5 Tips To Recognize A Real Diamond

by Mehul Panchal
5 Tips To Recognize A Real Diamond

1) Fog Test

Put the stone before your mouth and mist it like you would a mirror. In the event that it remains misted for two or three seconds, it’s most likely a fake — a genuine precious stone scatters the warmth from your breath immediately and won’t haze up without any problem. Regardless of whether you hold up in the middle of hazing it up and taking a gander at it, it will in any case clear a lot quicker than a fake.

It can assist with utilizing a stone you know is genuine close to the presume stone and mist both. You can observe how the genuine one remains clear while the fake one mists over; in the event that you inhale on counterfeit precious stones more than once, you will see buildup begin to develop. With each puff, the fake stone will haze up to an ever increasing extent, while the genuine one will at present be spotless and clear.

2) Drown Test

Drop the stone in a glass of water and check whether it sinks to the base. Because of its high thickness, a genuine precious stone will sink. A fake one will drift at the highest point of the surface or in the glass.

3) Heat Test

Heat up the stone and check whether it breaks. Warmth up a suspect stone with a lighter for 30 seconds, at that point drop it straight into a glass of cold water. The quick development and constriction will overpower the rigidity of more vulnerable materials like glass or quartz, making the stone break from within. Real Diamond is sufficient that nothing will occur.

4) Sandpaper Test

Sandpapering the stone is just a smart thought in case you’re certain you have a real diamond or if its all the same to you losing a fake one.

Rub sandpaper against the stone. This is an easy test since diamonds are one of the world’s hardest materials and won’t be scratched by the rough surface. If it’s a diamond, it will remain perfect, if it’s not, you know what happens next.

5)Reflection Test

A diamond’s reflection says a great deal. A genuine diamond will reflect in shades of dim grey. On the off chance that you are seeing sparkling rainbow hues, the diamond is likely a fake.

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